Let's chase friendship and achievement

We are all about chasing the right dream: To achieve wonderful things together. To climb a mountain and rise up as people. Not above others, but to overcome our fears and weaknesses become better and enjoy this world. 

Elevator and Selfie Times

We live in a weird world. 

On one hand, we try to shield any unwanted natural phenomenon from us. Obviously, we don’t want to sleep in a cave during a cold winter night. And floor heating and other tricks have really improved our lives. 

But do we need to cool down our busses and offices to temperatures that we can’t enjoy wearing summer clothes? 

And while elevators are a blessing not least for the elderly, do we really take an elevator to the gym to then go to the stair machine/climb mill?

But it gets worse. While the above, is in the best case a bit funny or a misuse of energy, the mountaineering community has topped this by literally climbing over dead bodies to take that ‘special’ selfie on top of Mount Everest. 

Besides the bodies that cannot be removed from the “death zone” surrounding Mount Everest, many mountains have become garbage dumps full of instant noodle plastic bags and lost cloves. 

Friendly Peaks

We are here to promote an alternative. Doing so, the Friendly Peak rules guide the way: 

1. There is no heroism in putting oneself or others in danger for the gain of a selfie. 

2. Friendly Peak Heroes help to rescue people from mountains, not climb over them. 

3. Friendly Peak Heroes help to clean mountains, not to leave a garbage.

4. Friendly Peak Heroes love the challenge that nature gives.

5. Friendly Peak Heroes win as teams and add to each others achievement, a greater achievement of one, will automatically help all others. We also want to get to know locals and integrate with the surrounding communities.

Get Involved

On our website, we will provide you with information on peaks that can be challenging, but not deadly. 

We love challenges and each of us accept their own challenges. But we also want to do that together. That’s why: Besides providing information on peaks that you can climb, we organize some hikes and climbs together. We try to cater to different groups and leave the peak a bit better than it was before. This could be done by providing better information to other climbers, by supporting local communities and exchange of idea, and/or by cleaning the peak and taking down the litter left by others. 

So yes, if you want to get involved, it will not be the easy way. It won’t be there “5 sherpas carry my stuff and cameras to the peak so I can take a photo” type of thing.

It might be the: We didn’t arrive at the peak of the mountain because we helped a person from another group who got sick to get down to safety. 

It might be: we walked up with light equipment and came down with bags full of plastic we collected and muscle ache from getting it. 

If you identify with this way of experiencing peaks, then join us! And experience a friendly community of people.

You can also start here and read a bit about some lovely mountains: Like the peak of Baru volcano with view of two oceans or Damavand, the highest peak in the middle east or Toubkal, Northern Africa’s highest summit.